H.I.V/AIDs is identified to be a deadly Disease. But as we know pretty well, it could be prevented if indiscriminate and illusive sexual relations or discouraged and disposable needles for Injunctions are encouraged.

So much so ill treatment towards those who area already suffering from H.I.V/AIDs should be discouraged and every body shall have to be made very kind and good towards them. It should also be made clear to one and all that it would be their social responsibility to treat the AIDs patients on par with them with out getting indulged in sexual courses with such patients.

In order to make aware of the above things the Abhimani Foundation conducted 5 Kilometers Maradan Run involving the Youth, Officials, Non-Officials, and other interesting public of the society with much stress to the point “keep living every Human being in the H.I.V/AIDs free Society” and also treat H.I.V/AIDs affected persons on par with them selves with out any discrimination. This Maradan run has been received by the general public with much applause in Bobbili, Parvathipuram and Seethanagaram Mandal Head quarters besides conducting general awareness camps in Tribal and Rural areas of Parvathipuram.

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