The Bobbili Town is growing fast day by day because of the establishment of Industrial Growth Center by the APIIC. The way how it is developing Industrially, the Pollution is also increasing up. No doubt the Industries are being established with the concurrence given by the Pollution department might be subject to certain conditions imposed to be followed for pollution control.

Unfortunately the Industrialists paying attention on the establishment of the Industry only but not in complying with the conditions for controlling pollution imposed by the pollution control board.

In order to activate the industrialists to follow the measures as directed by the Pollution control Board to control Pollution, we have conducted a seminor under the Chairmanship of the Hon’ble Addl. District Ist Class Magistrate Sri Pardhasaradhi garu, and advised the Industrialists to take all measures that are imposed including plantation of greenery in the vast interests of general public with much concern over the reduction in spreading of Green House Gasses in to the atmosphere.

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